SXSW 2010 – Day 4

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Seductive Interactions:

The day has started and it’s been a crazy morning. Stephen Anderson a local Dallas person, is ready to speak. I’ve seen the presentation online. I think it’s much better in person the nuances you get from the live version is well worth it.  Stephen will be speaking at Big D in may.

Usability? Meh. Let’s talk about persuasion. Are you designing serendipity, arousal, rewards and other seductive elements into your applications? We’ll discuss specific ways that sites like Dopplr, iLike and LinkedIn leverage basic human psychology to motivate and shape online behaviors.

Speaker: Stephen Anderson

  • Sensory Integration
  • Novelty
  • Social Proof
  • How to get bounce rate down
  • increase #registered Users
  • The ILIKE example –  Encouraging more interaction with your new application.
    • user goals / business goals -
    • immediate feedback loop, but it’s not beat into your head
    • visual excitement
    • pattern recognition
    • recognition versus recall – as opposed to using
    • Interactive games – that entice users to use the service.
      • Social Interaction to bring in the game against friends
      • Addictive and fun interaction – “The key here is to make sure the interaction is exciting to use, but not even promoted as such” – I think this is the key here to making an interaction in a social game reach the next level of user, to regular user, to fanatic, to social distribution of an app.
      • Social Proof
    • Increasing the motivation factor – to purchase into psychological actions
    • Starting design process from a different place.
    • “Salting the tip jar”  – encourages others to donate more.
    • Product testimonials – I think you have to go beyond this execution method.
    • Netflix has good examples
    • Curiosity teasing with information
    • Sabre Interactive – INTERNAL community TOOL wiki adoption less than 10% social internal tool 60%
      • reputation
      • rewards
      • limited druation
      • status
    • Conference Signup Page -
    • Foodspotting -
    • Plugin for outlook –  adds point system that weights e-mails and you have points at a set limit
    • Adding levity to copy – “” This is my own note: you have to be careful with this depending on your audience.
    • Tossing in or setting up default data sets…….
      • Ownership Bias
      • Feedbacks
      • Playfullness
    • DOpplr: Example – traveling site. [pattern recognition, gifting]
      • delighters
      • Personal velocity
      • the logo changes – the color does – color signfies cites that you attend
      • Travel report for last year
    • Method Cards:


Here are some of my own resources I’ve found these to tie into all of the above.

  • Fun Theory –

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